Our sister site totalbasketballstats.com launches.

by Derek Williams 17. January 2012 19:36

We are excited to launch our sister site, totalbasketballstats.com. They are just in the middle of uploading all player statistics for Division 1 college basketball from 1965 to the present. Please check them out, and follow them on Facebook as they will be announcing when each team is completed. 



2011 NFL Mock Draft Picks 1 to 7

by Derek Williams 20. April 2011 14:15

With just over a week before the 2011 NFL Draft, many draft pundits have agreed on the top three picks in the draft. Many have thought Cam Newton will be the first pick overall to the Carolina Panthers. Blaine Gabbert, however, has been forecasted to go either to Cincinnati at the number four spot, Arizona at five, San Francisco at seven, Tennessee at eight and Washington with the number 10 pick. Will Gabbert fall like Aaron Rodgers and Brady Quinn did in past drafts? Not likely. Too many teams are in the market for a new quarterback this year.


Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

With the play last year of Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen, Carolina is still in the market for a QB. Its somewhat unfair to give up on Clausen, a second round pick a year ago, so soon. I dont think Carolina can pass up the playmaking ability of Newton.


Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama

Denver's defensive line needs major improvement. Even though he was really just a one year starter, Dareus racked up 11 sacks last year for Alabama.


Von Miller, LB, Texas A&M

Buffalo's defense was awful last year. Anything will help. Many argue that Buffalo needs a QB of the future. Ryan Fitzpatrick should be a little better than average for a year or two while Buffalo shapes the defense. Buffalo's offense kept them in games last year. The 2010 Butkus Award Winner will help the edge pass rush for the Bills, as he collected 33 sacks and 10 forced fumbles in his college career.


A.J. Green, WR, Georgia

Here is where it gets sticky. Carson Palmer might retire, or be traded. Cincinnati apparently isn't in love with Blaine Gabbert, but they could be bluffing. If they aren't, A.J. Green makes the most sense, with Terrell Owens moving on. Not completely sold on this one though, it could easily be a number of other players.


Patrick Peterson, CB, Louisiana State

Many have said Blaine Gabbert will be selected by Arizona in this spot. I think the Cardinals will be dealing or signing a veteran quarterback before the season begins. Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb, Carson Palmer or Matt Hasselbeck have all been rumored. I dont think Arizona wants to wait to develop another rookie QB. Peterson would be give the Cardinals a shut down corner.


Julio Jones, wr, Alabama

Cleveland needs a wide receiver badly to team with Colt McCoy. Recent high picks Brian Robiskie and Mohammad Massaquoi have been slow to develop. Jones would be a great fit for Pat Shurmur's west coast system. A defensive tackle like Nick Fairley might be another option.


Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

Blaine Gabbert falls to the San Francisco 49ers, who will be looking to replace Alex Smith. The 49ers have a good nucleus of players and may decide to pick up a veteran instead. If they dont pick Gabbert, Tennessee would definitely grab him with the next pick.


The Hype Machine

by Brad Scott 11. March 2011 01:28

I have sat back and watched the happenings in the football world over the last number of weeks. There has been a lot with Superbowl, Signing Day, NFL combine, and of course the ongoing NFL contract issues. But one thing intrigued me. Actually it was a couple of things under the same umbrella. The hype bestowed upon players such as Cam Newton and Jadeveon Clowney.


Here's the deal. A number of these players come out of high school and college and we never hear much about them after a year or two. Basically, they were stellar standouts where they were. They have tons of praise, attention and promise attached to them. In some cases, they were considered to be the guy who “made” the team what it was. Some players were All-American, won M.V.P. Honours, won Heisman's, even National Championships.


I'm just not sure I understand why the media puts so much attention on what these players say or maybe do. The fact that it appears Jadeveon Clowney is already making a 'name' for himself with his comments in regards to hypothesizing about South Carolina football over the next few years with him on the field. The spectacle that was waiting for him to make his announcement on signing at S.C., lends people the right to roll their eyes and say “here we go again with another one”. Frankly, Jadeveon, you have chosen to go to the University of South Carolina with the offensively focused head coach of Steve Spurrier. You have played high school football and, yes you were given a 5 star recruitment rating, but I fail to see the reason why so much hype is further made about your signing announcement.   But from the publicity platform you and your 'handlers' did a great job in furthering your career from a marketing perspective and all the endorsement deals you now have lining up. Wait, you're a college player so technically you are not eligible for endorsements. Well I guess your draft status certainly increased. Wait, you have not played a down of even a spring college game yet. Perhaps your teammates will enjoy the rewards of the financial benefits your signing with S.C. will bring upon them. Wait, never mind.


Of course Jadeveon has had competition for the spotlight. Cam Newton et al have done a great job as well of boasting and promoting. That statue of Cam that has been commissioned to be put up outside of the stadium I'm sure will be amazing. Wait, what NFL stadium will that be in front of again? I wonder if the same company that was commissioned to build and erect the Ryan Leaf, Vince Young and JaMarcus Russell statues, to name a few, is building this one?

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