Is Moncton, New Brunswick a viable option for CFL expansion?

by Derek Williams 28. September 2010 12:23

Good article by Dave Naylor of TSN:

There's almost no one who doesn't want to see the Canadian Football League expand to Atlantic Canada.

Not fans in any of the CFL's existing eight cities, not the league head office in Toronto and certainly not the folks in New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia who snapped up 20,000 tickets for Sunday's game between the Toronto Argonauts and the Edmonton Eskimos in about 30 hours back in the spring.

What the CFL has proven so far is that it's possible to stage a neutral site CFL game in Atlantic Canada and make it a roaring success. But the question on everyone's mind this weekend is 'could this city and this region support its own team?'

Read the rest here.

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Canadian Football League

Welcome to

by Derek Williams 25. September 2010 00:10

As you can tell we are a very new site. Our goal is allow you to follow a player throughout his career on one site regardless of the league he played in. For an example, take a look at Doug Flutie stat page. In the next few months we will be adding all individual statistics for NCAA Division 1A Football from 1970 on. We have about 90% of the schools currently, and we are still working on getting the others. We will be adding Div 1AA (FCS) football in the future as well.

We will also have extensive coverage of the Canadian Football League and the United Football League. Other defunct leagues will also be covered including the USFL and the World Football League.

Here are a few other items we will be adding in the next several months:

- Full team pages/profiles for NCAA Div 1AA (FCS) schools

- Conference profiles including top performers of all time - All star teams

- Attendance for all Div 1 college games from 1970 and attendance reports

- Awards section on player page including Pro Bowls, college trophies, college All Star teams etc.

- In depth coaching including offensive/ defensive coordinators, special teams and position coaches, general managers

- Full statistics and history of the Arena Football League

- In depth NFL draft preview with recent picks filtered by GM

Please feel free to drop any comments or suggestions at any time. As we are entering a lot of these stats quickly, errors may pop up, so please let us know if you find anything at Please visit often as things will always be changing!

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