Our sister site totalbasketballstats.com launches.

by Derek Williams 17. January 2012 19:36

We are excited to launch our sister site, totalbasketballstats.com. They are just in the middle of uploading all player statistics for Division 1 college basketball from 1965 to the present. Please check them out, and follow them on Facebook as they will be announcing when each team is completed. 



Offseason Updates

by Derek Williams 28. February 2011 23:48

Now that the offseason is here, we have a good chance to update a lot of the historical data. We have about 90% of the historical individual FBS - Division 1A college statistics on hand now (from 1970 on), and will be entering all that information over the next few months. We would also like to have the FBS statistics up this offseason as well.

Some of the other items on the priority list include:

expanded bowl game/ rivalry game information to include box scores /MVPs /attendances.

In depth NFL team draft pages with past drafts.

Attendance for every Division 1A college game since 1970.

All defensive/special teams stats for all leagues.

New sections for the Arena Football League and the World Football League.

Please check back often, as we will update the site every day from now until July. If you think we should include any other information that we are missing, please comment below on what you would like to see.

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Updates for December

by Derek Williams 1. December 2010 12:36

The following updates will be completed in December.

  • Big Ten, SEC and PAC 10 individual player statistics going back to 1980 for all teams.
  • More updates and additions to the player statistics in the CFL.
  • Addition of all FCS (Div 1AA) teams and stats.
  • Final United Football League 2010 stats and standings.
  • Attendance figures, graphs and analysis for CFL, USFL, NFL and UFL. NCAA to follow shortly.

Happy Holidays to everyone. Please check out totalfootballstats.com on Facebook for regular updates.

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