Total Football Stats

INTRODUCTION was developed to showcase football on a larger scale. Most websites concentrate on the National Football League. We do that as well, but we will also feature statistics for the Canadian Football League, the United Football League and the Arena League. We will also have defunct leagues such as NFL Europe, the United States Football League and the World Football League.

Another feature we have included is full NCAA Division 1A statistics. Over the next few months, we will be adding full player statistics for all 120 FBS teams. At first, we will focus on the modern era, so all stats and team profiles will begin at 1970. Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook, as we will be adding a new NCAA teams statistics every week. This historical information, especially for the years of 1970 to 1995, is not available anywhere on the internet.


Don’t you know defense wins championships? Where are the defensive statistics?

We will be building all defensive/special teams statistics for all leagues soon. We are adding all the offensive stats first. Please check back as updates will be added daily.

Why am I not listed? I played college football and I cannot find my stats here.

We are still building the stats over the next few months. However, if we have completed your team, and you are still not listed, please contact us. Mistakes happen. Sometimes it could be an error with data entry, or other times the sheets we get from the school could be inaccurate. However, you will need to provide proof that you played from a newspaper clipping or a media guide page.